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The Ultimate History

Ultimate Linux Solutions was officially founded in January of 2007, at the time the focus was purely on mail and proxy solutions. During the early stages of our existence we invented the concept of Split Routing, in part to save ourselves cost on our monthly internet bill, and soon we took the concept to our clients, who received it positively.

We later added more and more features to our servers, including multi-uplink load balancing and redundancy for failover, remote access, inter-site VPNs.

We pondered on the idea of VoIP for some time, but only later decided to pursue this seriously once we found what we considered to be reliable uplink partners. This has grown to be our core business within three years, with various offerings, ranging from single phones for home users, right through to multi-PABX systems distributed over multiple sites.

Where we stand today we're busy with improving various of our systems, including improving redundancy on our VoIP platforms, with multiple breakouts to the PSTN, as well as internal redundancy in our core switching and billing systems.

In our opinion the future looks bright.