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Ultimate Linux Solutions started out with a product offering that focused purely on email and proxies. We have in the meantime enhanced these offerings and extended the offerings to include authentication and accounting services for wireless networks, Remote VPN access, inter-site VPNs and various fail-over and redundancy solutions based on various technologies.

The far majority of these solutions are based on Linux, with some miniature variations build on smaller Mikrotik boards (see our split routing as an example). Whilst all of these components functions as intended there are still many avenues to be explored, and we are committed to walking the talk.

Why should you have a ULS Server on your network perimiter?

There are numerous reasons why having a flexible Linux based solution on your network perimiter is a good idea.

The core system

Ultimate Linux Solutions makes use of a Gentoo base system, on top of which we've built various of our own components which we consider to be part of our core configuration.


Whilst Linux is very well known for it's excellent networking support we've taken this a step further. Some examples of what we have achieved in the past includes redundant wireless routing with ADSL fail-over (making use of VPN technology) between as many as 7 independent network nodes.

Then there is our ability to split local and international traffic, and route these separately over different ADSL accounts, allowing our clients to get the quality of capped ADSL bandwidth at a mere fraction of the cost (dependent on actual data usage patterns).

We specialise in redundant uplink solutions, we all know that ADSL is cost effective - however, we also know that ADSL lines do fail. So why not throw iBurst, 3G, Neotel or similar into the mix?

Obviously no network offering would be complete without the ability to account for data utilization on the links, we have the ability to track internal IP addresses and generate reports on which of your machines have utilized bandwidth on which of your uplinks.


We pride ourselves in configurating firewalls for the client's needs.

Remote Access

The ability for remote users to connect to your network in a secure manner is crucial. More and more people are working from home and require access to internal network resources such as file and mail servers.

With our remote VPN functionality not only does this become almost trivial, you will also be presented with a log of when each user has connected, along with how much data they have consumed!

Mail Solutions

This is where it all began. With the increase in spamming and virusses propogating by email a decent email filtering solution is not only benificial, it is crucial. Whilst our solutions functions best on the mail entry point it also serves very well as an in-office email solution, resulting in more instantaneous email delivery between staff, significantly reduced spam and very near elimination of email borne virii.

Proxy Servers

Many a manager have asked the question "What is my users browsing?" - having a proxy server in place does not only give the system administrators the ability to query what websites are being visited (and how much bandwidth is being spent on those sites), it also gives the ability to control access to certain websites (yes, this means you can block sites like facebook, youtube, and even google should you so desire).

Network Auto Configuration tools

More commonly known as DHCP the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol enables us to assist you in automatically configuring your computers for your network.

One of the biggest advantages here is for roaming users that require the ability to connect to multiple networks in as near transparent as possible manner. For these users DHCP allows them to obtain an IP address automatically on your network, receive some basic network parameters (such as DNS and NTP servers, local domain name, and together with some careful DNS mangling even proxy settings).