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Wireless Networking

Wireless networking is the buzzword of the day - but very few people seem to understand what wireless actually means.


As the name suggests wireless is merely network connectivity without actual wires. Some people seem to confuse 3G, iBurst and Wifi and group them all together - whilst they are all wireless in nature they are not the same technology. 3G and iBurst are (internet) access technologies whilst Wifi is a simpler networking technology that simply replaces your cables - be it in the office, or on your inter-office backhaul.

User Access

When we speak about user access we refer to the usual in-office wireless access points where laptops can connect to. These are the normal Linksys, Billion and other APs you can buy from various PC store outlets. Whilst we can most certainly provide these this is not the area we play strongly in.


Many of our clients had a need to connect multiple sites into one larger network, however, each and every solution available we could find was simply too expensive. As a solution we came up with a multi-site VPN solution as part of our server solutions that worked quite well, but as the bandwidth requirements grew for some of our clients the cheaper access methods (ADSL mostly) simply could no longer keep up and alternative solutions had to be deviced, and we started moving into the wireless space.

Currently we run networks with up to seven large sites being inter-connected, with failover to DSL should some wireless links fail. Additionally should internet links fail the internet bandwidth is automatically re-routed via wireless to the closest connectivity.

We don't see wireless as a lone-standing technology, but rather as a way of creating longer distance links cheaper, and as a complementary solution to more comprehensive networking strategies.

Please do contact us to see if we can be of assistance in your network.